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I longed, for quite some time, to travel to Europe. When I was younger I desperately wanted to see Britain, but that sort of waned over time and I became more interested in seeing Italy and Japan. Later as I got to know members of my new family better Spain moved to the top of the list. Well I have now seen Spain and Italy, but they're still on the list since I now intend to return.

Andre and I just spent one week in Barcelona and an additional week on a Mediterranean cruise.
Barcelona was amazing and a perfect introduction to Europe. I have always said I couldn't imagine living anywhere but Toronto. Having seen Barcelona my imagination has now broadened it's horizons.

Our cruise took us to Monte Carlo, Florence, Rome, Naples, and Palma de Mallorca. Monaco is beautiful, but way too snooty. Naples gave us a chance to climb Vesuvius and see Pompeii, both of which blew my mind, but the city of Naples itself is really filthy. Florence was a frenzy of crowds and beautiful art. Tantalizing but ultimately a little unsatisfying; I felt like I was missing so much and many of the buildings were in poorer condition than I expected. Rome was amazing but like Florence impossible to enjoy in just a day. In Palma we didn't even try to see it all. We just wandered till we found the most perfect little beach on the planet and played naked in the surf.

It's hard to sum up so I wont. Europe didn't change me in any special way other than providing me with an even greater interest in traveling to Europe. I may also be going through withdrawal from a Lemon Fanta addiction I acquired. That could also be jet lag though.


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