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Two weeks of slack

Ming Tubing
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Our family vacation wrapped up more than a week ago, but I go lazy and held off sorting through the photos.
Here are some snapshots that I like.

We are more than a little sold on cottaging as a superior way to get the fuck away from Toronto. So much more restful than camping.

The New Shape Of Digital Wet Dreams

Sooooo..... when did aadroma start doing character design for Street Fighter IV?

Methinks someone at Capcom likes their men with a little extra somethin somethin.
Bully for them.

Take Me On

Sooo, who wants to pick a fight with me?
Bring it on ladies!

Mario Kart Friend Number- 3093-7487-5007

Super Smash Bros Friend Number- 5155-2693-7815

(My skills are actually pretty weak, but think of the satisfaction you'll get by utterly destroying me.)

2 Months In The Hole

I found out last week that I will be, starting on the 21st, be spending two months working the night shift while the other technicians receive training on my regular shift.
Not looking forward to that.
My favorite episode of the lot. It explores how cosmically unfair it is to be a straight horny man.


André and I have been together 5 years as of today.
I've been eager to post this episode, because It features some fairly ridiculous homemade sex toys. Brutal, evil looking sex toys that I constructed over several weeks and consequently were scattered throughout my home while I was working on them during Pride Weekend. Now, at last, I have proof for _angry_alan and iompair that the demented bric-a-brac they saw the first time they visited my home really were props for an indie movie. Seriously guys.

The Semblance of Pie

The first pie crust I made yesterday had too much water, so I had to start over. The second pie crust I made was dropped on the floor as it came out of the oven, so it went in the garbage. The third pie crust I made was ugly and didn't hold together very well when served, but it looked and tasted like pie and that was all it needed to do.



Following up on the question meme

Jim- I'm not sure. Maybe sometime in the spring?

André- There are many reasons but usually country music is involved.

March Question Meme

Since I'm lacking any real content to post about- Ask Me Any Question! All comments are screened, and I will reply in a seperate post with as much candor as I am able.
Now's the time to find out if I'm as boring as you think I am!


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